Buck Rogers Minimates!

It's been awhile since I've been jazzed about Minimates but these guys are awesome. I love me some Buck Rogers In The 25th Century. LOVE IT! This is a nice set for the jump off too. It features all of the characters (well not all of them) but a lot of the characters that we meet in the pilot episode in their garb from that one. That's rad. 

 I think that all we are missing is the dude that's a dick to the princess and the wimpy science dude that hangs out with Buck all the time, Dr. Elias, Kane is the other dude. The one that's a dick. I'm totally going to get these. 

I think that the last pack of Minimates I bought was the Rocket Raccoon/Groot/Drax 2 pack but before that it'd been awhile since I got up on one. I hope that they have these at TRU but I doubt it. I prolly gotta head over to Comics FTW and talk to Kris about ordering me these...