Toy Pics: Slush Head Masters Of The Universe Masterverse


I'm not super familiar with the character of Slush Head I just thought that he looked super cool. I'm a nut for an aqua dude who walks around with a bowl full of water on his head. The OG Slush Head had actual water inside the dome that kind of slushed around when the figure moved around. That is great. This one doesn't have slushy water which is sad but he does come with two different heads so there is that to make you feel a little better about it. You take the good you take the bad. You take them both and there you have The Facts Of Life. 

This is a Masterverse figure. I think that the Mattel Masterverse line is really, really great. They take characters of all the various MOTU incarnations and make super deluxe figures of them. Slush Head comes from The New Adventures Of He Man which I've never seen but do want to and intend to when the day finally comes that I run out of other things to watch.

I like this pic here. I like it when the picture looks like it could be an action shot of some kind. It almost looks like Good Old Slush Head is on the move toward the photographer. He see him and is moving in with his axe. His axe also doubles as a blaster of some kind. Double usage for days that you want to both zap and chop. We all feel that way sometimes.

With all that said I think that he's a pretty great action figure. He cost something like twenty five bucks over at Target. When you factor in all his various attachments he is totally worth the price.