Toy Pics: Skelegod Masters Of The Universe Masterverse.


I took this one in my garage at my little photo set up. It's two lights and a piece of paper with stars on it. I think it came out pretty good honestly. You really get an idea of what Skelegod might look like if he were a real person. A real life scary Skeleton God..

I used a filter that adds little sun spots to your pic to make it look fancy to make his hand glow like that. I turned up the strength of the filter and turned it green. I think it looks pretty cool. I like how the filter casts actual glow onto his face and body. 

It's really fun to take pics of your toys. I think that it's the adult version of playing with your figures. I think that action figure photography is almost a legit hobby. I don't really worry about doing it in public. If people think it's weird, IDK that's not my problem.