The Fisher Price Space Lady

During the pandemic I took a lot of toy pics. There wasn't a whole lot else to do so I'd walk around my neighborhood and take pics of my figs in interesting places. I used Joes and other dudes but the figure that I went back to time and time again was The Fisher Price Adventure People Space Lady. IDK, there was something about her that really drew me in and in again. I think it was the space helmet and how it protected her from the air around her. There was a lot of being afraid of the air around that time. For all you knew breathing the wrong air could kill you dead.

I started hiking at the time. The outdoors was one place that we all agreed was safe and if you got out deep into the woods there were hardly any people around so it was safe to spend some time outside the house which was a rare commodity. 

For the most part I stayed in my office on the computer trying to find out the latest news about the bug. Things were changing day to day seemingly. These trips out into the woods were a real godsend in multiple ways. First, I got out of the house which was great and secondly I got to take the Space Lady with me and with some fine tuning the woods can easily be made to look like an alien environment. 

Anyhow, The Space Lady was a big part of getting me through everything as far as my mental status. I spent a lot of time walking around with her in my pocket and that time was honestly some of the best times I had over those two or so years. For me though the time wasn't really that bad. I like being alone. I really enjoy my own company and I don't have a hard time finding things to do. Still though, at the time it was very scary. Nobody knew anything. Were you going to die? Were your parents or loved ones going to die? Maybe. Who knows?

The Space Lady really represents a lot of those fears for me. I used her as a metaphor for how I was feeling at the time. Scared and in need of protection. She had a space suit and I had a mask that covered my nose and mouth. Would it be enough? Again, who knows? Turns out that it was. I made it unscathed but the uncertainty was very hard to handle.  

I actually took a lot of pics during the pandemic. Not just of the Space Lady but of other figures as well. It was one of my main ways to spend time then. I really don't do it as much as I used to which is sad because I look back at some of them and think that they are pretty good. I really should get back to it but like a lot things that we did at the time it kind of went to the wayside once the movie theater opened and the rest of the world too.

Still though, I'm very appreciative of the role that The Space Lady played in my life at the time. To be real, I'm not sure I would have made it through without her influence to go walk around and see what places could be made to look like an alien planet.