Video Store Stickers: Video Land Fairfield California.

Hey kids we are back with another cool video store sticker. This one is from a store called Videoland from Fairfield California. I swear we had a store around here called Videoland. I bet that around the country there were a million unaffiliated stores called Videoland. Maybe I'm confusing it with the record store in the mall called Musicland. That might very well be the case. Anyhow, let's take a look at the label. 

Sorry that the pic is really not that great. When the sticker is on the corner of the tape getting a full picture of it is difficult. I was in the video store game for a bit back in the day and one of my jobs was putting these stickers onto the tapes. The reason they are there is to stop someone from opening the case and stealing the actual tape and replacing it with something else. It's called a reel-swap and happened way more than you would imagine.. 

Here's the thing though sometimes you had to open the tape yourself to get at the reel, usually for repair purposes. Basically a sticker on the corner makes it hard to open up. I get that's the purpose but any video store pro put the sticker on the side because you could pop it open easy. Reel-swappers be damned. 

This is a better look at the front. Again, it's super hard to get a pic of a corner sticker. It's doubly tough when it's a reflective sticker. I can't tell you how many times I just gave up trying to get a pic because my big goofy mug was in the background. Hideous. 

I like the font that they used for the word Video. It's sort of separating like a video image losing steam. Very cool. I've never been to this particular Videoland. Fairfield is a little past the distance I was willing to go at the time to rent a VHS Tape. I mean, if I heard they had a really banging selection I might have gone there but that wasn't something I heard. I'm not saying that they didn't have great tapes or anything only that I never heard that they did..

That's what the shopping center that Videoland was in looks like now. Pretty standard for a Nor-Cal strip mall. Around here they sort of have this gimmick of trying to make random buildings in the motif of the old Adobe Missions. The Missions are a local landmark that every kid takes a school trip to at least once. Some of those kids grow up to be architects and when pushed into a corner by a fussy client go for the good old familiar California Mission Look from the days of yore. 

Here is a really great Videoland newspaper advert. judging by the prices you can ascertain that this is a true old school video-store. I mean dude, blank tapes ar  13.95 each! Yikes. This is back in the day when home video was only for the economically privileged. 

What else that's cool there is that they can take your old slides and make a VHS slideshow out of them for you. That is tight. It says that they offer free music. I wonder what sort? Like can you bring your own or do they have a catalog of royalty free things they can draw from. My guess is both. 

Anyhow guys. Let's all arise and give tribute to Videoland. We love and miss you and all the stores of your type.