Toy Pics: Daredevil Looks Out Over Hell's Kitchen

I took this pic of Daredevil inside of an Imaginext Batman Batcave playset that I found outside of an apartment complex near my house. Someone set it out there with a "free" sign slapped on it. I doubled back in the whip to pick it up!

I like to take playsets like this to use as backdrops for toy pics. I have a table out in the yard that I use for these sort of things. I leave the playsets out there so that they kind of age with the weather and look a bit more beat down than when they are new.

I really like the way that this pic came out. DD looks like he's on the corner of some building in Hell's Kitchen looking out for Bullseye or someone of that sort. Maybe a Hand-Ninja or two..

The figure is from the Marvel Legends 3.75 inch line. I like these dudes A LOT! They are very reminiscent of Mego Pocket Heroes and they only cost 9.99! That's right in my sweet spot of purchase price.