Toy Pics: Matchbox 1980 Mercedes-Benz Wagon


I took these pics over at the school near my house. I've used their parking lot for car pics a couple times already. You can use perspective by getting under the car to make it look like it's an actual car in a parking lot. At least that's what I was trying to do at any rate. I think it works though. 

It was a gloomy day which I think adds to the atmosphere of the pic. It was a few hours before a major rain storm that we are in the middle of right now. I like it when it rains. It's such a nice change of pace to the normally dry weather we have around here. 

I got this car over at The Dollar Tree. It's a Matchbox. I way prefer the normal somewhat boring models of car that Matchbox puts out compared to the super over the top designs of Hot Wheels. Honestly it's cool to have both available so no matter what you feel car-wise there is something for you.