Toy Pics: A Look At The Final Faction Alien Enemy.. The Kharn..

Final Faction are a toy line exclusive to Dollar Tree. I love that. I mean bro, I can get my action figure fix for 1.25 a pop. That is so great. On top of the great price the figures themselves are super awesome monsters and soldiers. They are so detailed and interesting that I'm blown away by the price point. 
PLUS! they seem to come out with new stuff all the time.

Like almost every-time I go over to the D.T there is something that I haven't seen before be it a new figure or a new weapons pack. There always seems to be something.. 

Anyhow this isn't going to be a really detailed look at The Final Faction I just wanted the chance to post a couple of pics of figures that I took over the last couple of weeks. 

I think that Final Faction dudes are super photogenic. They have really interesting faces. Just look at this homeboy right below this. He's mad ill. 

The purple accents on the fig are in fact gold colored but I used my phone and messed with the tone a bit. I don't really know why. I guess it's because I kind of want to customize them a bit but I don't want to actually go out and buy paint and stuff. A Phone mock-up is honestly good enough for me. 

That guys name is Krepitus and he works for The Kharn as a bounty hunter. He's like a rogue of some sort I suppose. 


The guy above here is named General Diabol and he is the leader of The Kharn. The Kharn are the bad guy alien invaders in The Final Faction Universe.. In the pic he is in this big rolling vehicle that looks super bad ass but I couldn't manage to get a picture that really showcased how good it looked so I fell back on my standby head shot. 

That guy up there is a Kharn Crawler. They are like insect creatures that act as the first line of attack in case of a Kharn invasion. You get two of them per pack which is actually pretty cool. The feet and the pincers move. On the whole these are a heck of an accessory for a dollar twenty five. 

That fella' there is a Kharn Synthoid. This particular Synthoid has some additional scary arms and wings that came courtesy of a Dollar Tree Weapons pack. That's part of the gimmick of the line. All of the figures come with a separate accessory pack that you can use in any number of ways to personalize your figures...

I like the scary snake arm on his the most and his other arm looks a little like The Wave Motion Gun on The Yamamoto from Starblazers.. 

This homeboy is called a Kharn Brute. He is like the tank of the Kharn Army. He is big and strong and very resistant to damage. He can take it and dish it out in spades. They are super dumb though and very easy to trick. That is the secret to defeating a Brute. Trick them and then jump them in mass because it takes a gang of fools to topple one..

This final bro is the Kharn Drone. He is the run of the mill pawn of the army. I imagine he comes in around the same time as The Crawler. Maybe a little bit after but not so long after that the enemy is easy pickings. These guys are the ones that make the pickings easy. Sometime at the expense of themselves.

I imagine that the majority of the Kharn Army is made up of drones, drones and Crawlers with spatterings of Brutes and Synthoids thrown in as well as the homeboy that we have right below...

The Kharn Huntra. I like this one a lot. He comes with two missiles that actually shoot. They shoot a surprising distance too. The one that I have is super touchy. It shoots as soon as you touch it. He has an itchy trigger finger...

I like the green missiles that he comes with. They look organic. I imagine that he's popping off like alien boogers that are also made of acid and explode on contact. Too gross.. 

The Kharn are a pretty formidable enemy honestly. They are to me at least very reminiscent of The Bugs from Starship Troopers. 

So there you go dude. That's pretty much every Kharn that I own. I think that is all of them but I'm also not sure because they seem to be coming out with new stuff all the time. 

I recently learned that the company that produces these toys, Greenbrier is actually the parent company that also owns Dollar Tree so I got to give it up to them for going out on a limb and creating their own property.