IseeRobots Television: 1993 Post Newsweek Cable Commercials From MTV. Tons of Retro Fun! Santa ...

Good stuff in this block including some local Santa Rosa commercials. I love the one in there for 5th Street Fitness. That was the cool gym at the time. It's a great commercial because you see the inside of the gym including their very 90's upstairs/downstairs workout areas.

Post Newsweek Cable was the main company around here for most of my life. I remember way back when if you wanted to order a pay per view you had to go over to the PNC office and pay in cash or check. 

During the heyday of Hulkamania I was lucky enough to get a PPV every now and again so I remember the office pretty well. It was small and kind of dinky but they had posters for movies and for the various Boxing of Wrestling PPVs so I thought it was pretty cool!