Video Store Labels: Home Video. Colfax Ca.

I was over at the Stop and Shop looking for blank tapes or tapes I could use as blanks when I came across this rare specimen.

Home Video. Colfax. California. I've never been to Colfax. Im not even sure where it is honestly. I think it's out near Grass Valley or somewhere near there.

I looked on Google Maps and it looks like there is a coffee shop on the location of the old Home Video store BUT in an awesome turn of events Colfax still has a video rental shop! It's called Pick A Flick!

It seems to be more gift shop than rental shop but they rent games and movies which is cool. They have a really nice name too. Pick A Flick. 

Dudes don't call movies flicks anymore. I mean,  I do sometimes, but not all that often. In that regard who am I to complain about other dudes not using it? Anyways if you are anywhere near Colfax hit up the Pick A Flick.