Two Pics I Found Tucked Into A Karate Magazine

I like people's old pictures. I buy them at the flea market all the time. I've really slowed down because I have so many but man, I have them all over the place. Don't get it twisted. It's maybe like a shoebox full but to me that seems like a lot, so I decided to scan a couple in so that I can toss them if I feel so obliged.

Anyhow, that one up there is great. I'm not exactly sure what is going on but it looks like some sort of photo shoot for something. It's weird though that they are on the side of the road. 

I wonder where it was taken? I cannot tell. I like the guy in the front. I imagine that he is their manager or something. Maybe this is like a test for some future shoot. Who knows? It's not important but it's still a great photo. 

That one right there is fantastic. It is art of the highest order. Such a sincere image. I love everything about it. From the costume to the look on his face to the grungy sneakers behind him, it's all fantastic. It's the kind of art that you couldn't make if you tried. 

I don't have as much to say about this one as I do about the one up there because it really does speak for it's self. It's such an honest image of Halloween BITD. No expensive store bought costume with puffy muscles and Disney licensing, just some face paint from Longs and a cut a sleepy-time jumpsuit....