Toy Pic: Marvel Universe Luke Cage

I took a couple pics of my Luke Cage Marvel Universe Figure. Those are like smaller versions of Marvel Legends. They have a lot of articulation and stuff. Anyhow, I pulled Luke out of a box in the garage and popped him up in front of hot pink background. I messed around with the colors a bit and it wound up blue and sort of orange. I could have just started with a blue background but then he wouldn't be orange.... 

I was going for like a Blaxploation  type thing. Like Marvin Van Peebles directed a CAGE movie with Luke back in 1978.

Here is sort of what I imagine that would have looked like.  Honestly if you wanted to make a poster of that pic you could just focus on his rope chain. It says CAGE as plain as can be. Any other Cage is superfluous but I felt like messing around with a picture for a bit. 

What would the film be like? Probably lots of fights with an interesting underlying social commentary but mostly lots of fights. I can imagine at some point Luke might punch through a wall or reach through and grab someone on the other side.

I'm sure that it would be an awesome film and imagine that it was made inside the real Marvel Universe and you could get the actual Luke Cage to be in the movie and smash stuff for real for you!