Toy Pics: GI Joe. A Real American Hero Duke: 2021


I had a little time in the afternoon the other day so I'm like hey, why not play with some GI Joes. That's what taking pics of your figs is. Playing with them. It's fine man. Nothing wrong with playing with toys. Enjoy your free time as you see fit. 

Anyhow, I bought this foam cliff from a thrift store the other day. It's for like dioramas or train sets or something. It's foam cliff with little trees that you can stick in it. It's honestly pretty cool and should be in toy pic rotation for awhile.

 It only cost 6 dollars and was brand new. 

I took the cliff and sat it so that the sun was coming in behind it so that it would hopefully add a solar flare to the background. I think it came out pretty good. 

I adjusted the brightness to really make it look like the sun is at Duke's back. I'm pleased with the overall result. 

This is the Duke from the new T-Crotch Retro Line that is kind of out right now but is probably getting axed because of the return of O-Ring Joes which is great news on many levels but still, sad for Duke and his boys in The Retro Line....

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