Video Store Stickers: Rincon Video. Santa Rosa California.

I found this label on a copy of Pleasantville at the Kitty Thrift over by the old Bradley Video. I was over there looking for tapes. I didn't find any but they have a pretty decent selection of VHS and they only charge a quarter per tape so they always warrant a look-see. 

Rincon Video or Bae's Rincon Video was the last of the surviving Rincon Valley Video Stores. They were over in the Safeway Center on Calistoga. Where the Yoga Place is now. 

Bae's was a good store. They had VHS and DVD and Games up until they went down a few years ago. When Bae's went out of business I was able to pick up a ton of VHS tapes from them. Mostly weird MMA events from the early days of that sort of stuff.. They picked up all the weird fighting stuff when it came out. 

I really miss Bae's. I remember talking to the owner when they announced the closure and he said that the owners upped the rent so they had to close. Man, they were there so long and then like that, still profitable and happy and driven out by a random rent increase. So sad. 

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