Trading Cards: My Super Cool Ripley Rookie Card!

I'm really into this idea of non-sports rookie cards. The idea being the lowest numbered card with a particular character is by default their rookie card. It's awesome. Why collect Ken Griffey Jr Upper Deck cards when you can get up on a Ripley From Alien Card? 

I opened one pack of 1979 Topps Alien cards on an episode of Worlds Famous and pulled Ripley. I was so stoked. Ahead of time I picked her as the ace of the series. It's either her or The Xenomorph card..

That's the back. I like how the info is continued on the next card in the set.. You gotta get em' all if you wanna read the story of Alien. It's also mad wild all the merch that they made for an R-Rated horror movie. There are toys by Kenner and other ephemera all kid-centric and based around one of the scariest movies of all the times and space! 

I'm really into non-sports cards right now. I kind of run that way. For awhile I was WAY into GI-Joe and for a minute I was WAY into MOTU and for right now it's weird trading cards. IDK. It's fun to switch it up and learn about new fun things you can collect. My one cosistant through my entire time collecting junk and that's comics.. I have always collected funny books... 

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