Toy Pic! The Macho Man At Arms Randy Savage

Man, this is a cool fig. It's a mix of Randy Savage and Man At Arms.. The Macho Man At Arms. 

I wasn't into them at first but after awhile I really started feeling these WWE/MOTU Mashup figures. At least some of them. I like the older dudes like Randy Savage or Rowdy Roddy Piper but I'm not really so much into like Roman Reigns or like Braun Strowman or whatever. 

I took this pic out in my backyard. I had to move the rock he's standing on from the other side of the yard but we all have to suffer for our arts sometimes... This is a leafy area out near the back fence. 

When I was out there my cat Orange Boy and The Wife's dog Dr. Jones both hung out with me. They were curious about what I was doing. The Boy is always out in the yard and anytime that you do something out there he dips over to check out what is going on.