Marvel Minimate. John Walker AKA US.Agent

I like this pic. I took it after I saw the cold blooded murder scene in Falcon and The Winter Soldier... I put some catsup on his shield to simulate the blood. It's totally silly but it looks alright I think.

I like how you can see the bumps on the plastic of his mask. It's a really neat texture. Also, you can see Walker's eyes.. he looks bananas, completely detached. 

Here is one of his full body with his gun and shield out. I took this pic on a toolbox we have out back I thought the little lip sort of looked like the ledge of a building. 

We got the toolbox from a dude who lives around the corner. Dude looks like the MLB All-Star Josh Donaldson in that he has a mullet and wears Oakley's. 

He's a nice dude, don't get me wrong but he fully looks like Josh. He has a little mustache too, and he's totally buffed.