The IseeRobots Show Ep.14: The Big Movie List 2019 Plus Tons More!

This week on the show we have one of our annual traditions.. The Big Movie List! and this year it's a biggie.. I took in a record breaking (For Me) 103 flicks.. It was exhausting to even read all of them..

We start off with the latest on Pooptronics and all that.. It's still no fun at all. I have no idea where this is heading but I have to get back to work at some point right? It's getting tough...

Then we head to At The Movies where I'm gonna go over one of the best movies that I saw this past year, a movie called Uncut Gems. It stars Adam Sandler and man, it was tense.. I dug it a lot..

From there it's onto the main event of the show.. The Big Movie List.. 103 movies.. ugh.
I end the show with some Christmas talk, stuff like what I got and all that. It's an awesome segment with some He Man Talk and a ton of other stuff...

Overall I think this is a pretty great episode and I hope you guys dig it as much as I did putting it together..

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