Man-E-Faces Feeling Pretty Cranky

I took this pic out in my front yard. MOTUs are great and I love them but they don't have the best possibility. That's part of their charm but it doesn't make for awesome photos or anything. That's not true really. What I mean to say is that I haven't really struck on the way to take awesome photos of them. Yet.  (ha.)

Man-E-Faces has three potential face, the one that you see there, a robot one and a caucasian male. I like all three but I think this one is my favorite. This seems like the heel one. Like Skeletor has taken over his mind or something. The Robot is prolly the good guy and the other face is like his civilian ID.. 

Do you think that each head is a different personality or do you think they are disguises? I'm leaning toward schizophrenia..