Action Figure Pics Of Crystal Ball, B.A Baracus and Beachhead A Gi Joe and A-Team Crossover

I dig this picture I took it over in my side yard. The two figs are in front of a pallet that we are using to store some pots on. You know, to keep them off the ground. Anyway I like how the inside of the pallet sort of makes a mirror effect. 

I also dig how it looks like B.A is really about to go down. The blank expression on the action figure goes a long way toward selling that point. The ground was moist so I was able to get his feet a little bit down into the dirt to balance him a bit.

I had a hard time getting a good pic of Beachhead believe it or not. I don't really know why. He's an awesome figure. One of the best in the RAH line really. I really don't even think that this is that good of a picture. It's alright. He's actually up in a tree. 

There is a giant Redwood right next to me. I've taken a lot of action figure pics on or around it. I makes everything look like Endor.