An IseeRobots Radio Musical Christmas Experience. Tons Of Fun! Power Records!

Hey guys! This week we have a very special treat. A Christmas Special. How original huh? This one is cool though. I don't know how many people out there know this but I used to totally do a different podcast way back in the day. like a few years ago. It was called creatively enough IseeRobots Radio. 

It was basically a music show focused on Golden Age Hip Hop with commercials and other retro weirdness mixed in. It was cool even if nobody really listened. Once a year though I'd flip the script and throw down some Christmas Beats. 

This is the second and far superior version of the IseeRobots Christmas Special, the 2013 version. It's great, really if you listen to one Christmas podcast make it this one. I think it's my finest hour. Seriously. 

What it is is an hour or so of Christmas music from the likes of Buck Owens or The Jackson Five mixed with some classic Peter Pan Holiday Story records.

 I guarantee that you'll like it. It's family friendly and perfect for when you guys are chilling around the house doing family stuff. Give it a shot. What do you have to lose? Nothing but a little time and you stand to gain a lot more! Merry Christmas from us here at the ISR Command Center.