Soft And Puffy 3 Dimensions Halloween Stickers!

I have a small but fun collection of vintage Halloween stuff that I want to share with you kids over the next couple of weeks.. It's not as big a collection as some dudes or as cool as some folk's but I do enjoy the most spooktacular time of the year and when I come across something scary and dope I always make a go at adding it to my stuff. 

I picked up these stickers at the Vet's Building flea market from a good junker buddy of mine named Allen. He's a great guy who always breaks me off great deals. 

I think that he sold me three packs of these beauties for 3 dollars. A dollar a sheet! How great is that? let me tell you it's totally great!. Vintage Halloween stuff is always in demands and I've seen stickers similar to this sell for tens of dollars online.

I've since traded away two of the sheets to other Halloween fiends that I know and love. As I recall I got a copy of Buck Owens in Japan and The Buck Owens Carnegie Hall show on Vinyl for one and a small box of 80's Rap Cassettes for the other.. It was a great box, there was a De La Soul, A Run-DMC AND A Force MD's tape in there.. I do not regret either swap! 

I made sure to hold onto one sheet though.. Once I owned these I couldn't imagine life without them.. lol..

My favorite one is The Red Devil. He's just so fiendish but I like all the rest of them too. The Witch stirring the cauldron is particularly great.. It looks like the fumes are doing a number on her sobriety. I also like how happy that ghost looks on the lower left hand corner. He must have really hated being alive.. 

Forgive the weird glare on the pic. The stickers are still in their wrapping and it sort of did a number on the scan..

Hope you all enjoyed looking at these as much as I enjoyed sharing them! Happy Halloween!