More Spooky Halloween Stickers

Hey kids. It's me and I'm back to share some more fun Halloween Stickers from my small but interesting collection of Spooktober stuff.. I picked these guys up in a big sticker book score from The Flea Market.

In total I got up on 4 books from some kid named Brian's 80's Sticker Collection. There was a ton of great stuff in there. Star Wars Stickers, Scratch and Sniff stuff and a bunch of other great stuff. It was one of my all time fave pick-ups. I don't seem to think that I paid that much either when I expected to pay a fortune. Sometimes people don't value stuff as much as you do.  One man's junk and all that. 

Anyhow in the books there were a few sets of holiday related stuff. Holidays are big sticker days. I remember getting all sorts on Christmas and Halloween, even some Thanksgiving type stickers from teachers around each time of the year.. .

I like those guys up there a lot. The one's that this post is about... My fave is probably Dracula. He looks so tired and crazed.. I do kind of like Wolfman's sort of sly facial expression too. He just can't be bothered with all this Halloween stuff. He's over it.