Wrestling Scan: August 9th 2019 Arena Mexico CMLL Flyer

This is the flyer from The Arena Mexico Lucha Libre show that the fam went to when they were recently in Mexico City on business... Man, lucha is fun live and Arena Mexico has an Awesome Vibe. I've been there once myself and had a great time. 

The family said it was fun but wasn't the same without me there.. That's nice of them to say but I'm sure that it was awesome nonetheless.. IDK, maybe what they meant was that it was fun but would have been WORSE! If I'd been there. You never know if something is a complement of not when you get it through a text... 

I don't really have any insight into the matches or anything you know, having not gone and all but this piece of paper has been floating around my office for weeks now and the only way that I didn't feel wack about tossing it in my He-Man Garbage can was if I scanned it in to the World Wide Web and saved it for future generations..