Monday, August 19, 2019

Video Magazine Scan: S & S Sound City and The Video Station

I like this advert a lot. Like a lot. I really dig the Carmen San Diego looking gal in the upper right hand corner. What I dig about it is that she's sort of like a spy or something doing some clandestine work to find the best price on consumer electronics.. I guess her name is Toll Free Barbara and she's supposed to be the lady on the other side of the line when you call in to order something.. I suppose her office setup is like supposed to be outside on a street corner under a lamp of some sort..

I REALLY dig the black and white graphic of VCRs and stuff in the center/bottom area. I want all of those things! There are so many cool things about this ad, like how they feature blank VHS and that they sell Video Disc Players..

I looked up S and S Video and it looks like they were in business up until a couple of years ago in NYC.. I always look these businesses up when I post an ad or something. Sometimes you are pleasantly surprised and they are still open to customers. This time they weren't but they almost were which is kind of good but also kind of sad.. It means you just missed them...

This is a really great one too. It's basically like a business that sells you all that you need to open up your own video store! I would so order one if they were still around. I'd set it up in my garage and just hang out there.. Well, it costs 34,500 dollars so I guess I'd have to open up to customers and try and recoup some of that bread but it'd be an exclusive clientele.. 

One of the things that I notice is that they offer you a "protected territory" that sounds a bit criminal, like they won't let ANY other stores open up near you.. if you know what I mean....

I'd really like to have a brochure from this place. I really want to know what you get for your money.. Do you think they send you like cases and cases of VHS tapes and shelves and all that stuff? They must right? It's prolly like some sort of subscription type deal too where you have to keep ordering new releases from them.. I'd still be interested..  

I also really like their corporate logo. It's like a house and a tv and has symbols that show that you can watch movies at home.. It really shows you what they are about... 

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