Super Awesome Return Of The Jedi Puffy Stickers! Circa 1983!

I dig these stickers A LOT! I'm a mark for puffy stickers though and also a major mark for Admiral Ackbar. He is seriously one of my fave Star Wars characters. I don't really know why but he is.. I also don't dislike Return Of The Jedi as much as some people. 

I know dudes who HATE it and I really feel like that is unfounded. Sure, there are Ewoks up in it but at its heart Star Wars is for kids and the Ewoks were really over with the youth.. 

Out of all these sticker the Ackbar is my fave by a mile I think that my second fave is prolly Chewie but the C3PO is also really great. They are all pretty fun to be honest. 

One thing I dig about this sheet is that each sticker is a different character. It's kinda' wac when they double up on the popular dudes. I'd rather have an Ackbar and two different Ewoks than two Han Solos.. 

Know what I like about a puffy sticker? I like it when you try and remove one and you can only really pull off the top layer and you get left with the white bottom part of the sticker which is essentially the outline of the sticker that you tried to remove...