Monday, August 12, 2019

Sticker Scan. Pizza Party Scratch And Sniff Decals

I love these stickers. They smell like pizza, like even still which is amazing to me. I think out of all of them my favorite one is the one kind of near the center of the mozzarella cheese and pepper shaker. 

One of my favorite parts of getting pizza at a restaurant is sprinkling the cheese and spicy pepper powder onto the pie. It really brings out a nice tang in the flavor.  I love the idea of having a sticker of that.

When I was a kid way back in the Harnew Elementary days I was designated as being Hyper-Active because I liked to talk. That's just what it was like back then. Kids got designated as all sorts of things because of whatever. School wasn't big on nurturing talents but that's a whole different thing... 

Anyhow, in my class when kids did something good the teacher would reward them with a piece of candy. Because I was hyper the school decided that I shouldn't have any kind of sugar or anything of that sort so my teacher would give me a scratch and sniff sticker on a notecard.. I was a pretty decent kid so my desk was full of these stickers on notecards, cards of all sorts of different scents. 

I always thought that it was weird that the cards were on cards as opposed to having the teacher give me the sticker on the wax paper it came on so I could stick it on something of my own. Prolly it was so that I wouldn't stick them on my desk or something.. 

I also like the sticker on the bottom of the dude in the dragster with pizza wheels. When I was a young sprat I had a few different toys that were drag racers.. On the real I don't know if I've ever even seen a drag race.. I wonder why I had so many toys from the sport... 

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