The Toys R Us Report Ep.198: Godzilla, Rocket Man and Tons More! Summer Of Fitness!

This time around on the Good Old Toys R Us Report we start off with a new jam from DJ Iceberg Thirteen which then leads into some shocking news via voicemail. You do not want to miss this.

From there we talk about two different movies I saw one was about Elton John and was called Rocket Man and the other one was the latest in the Monarch Saga... Godzilla King Of Monsters. We're gonna look at both of those before doing a lightning round of a ton more movies..

At the end we talk about Batman, Rob Battinson, and The Deadwood movie and some other stuff before getting into The Summer Of Fitness our latest program for self improvement.

I'm here for you guys so feel free to reach out about that 707-532-Jams for text messages and @IseeRobots on the tweets!There is some more stuff in there too.. DCeased and an All-Girl Justice League idea I had...

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