IseeRobots Television: 1982 KTVU 8 O'Clock Movie Bumpers And Some Commercials

I really miss local TV Movie shows. Sure there are movie everywhere on TV nowadays but I miss that 8 O'clock Movie vibe. 

Back in the day I recall seeing actual nudity on KTVU movies. Seriously, I remember being a kid and seeing this teen comedy about skiing and then all of a sudden there was boobs! I almost fell out of my seat. I wasn't recording it so I have no evidence of this actually happening but do distinctly have it burned into my brain. 

It wasn't the 8 O'Clock movie though it was the late night Saturday Flick that they used to have. For that one they'd play like a horror flick like The Stuff or like a Teen Sex Comedy like that skiing movie or Hard Bodies or something.

There are some fun things in this block here. I wish it was longer but it was just some stuff on the end of a VHS that had a bunch of episodes of Nova...