ISeeRobots Television: A Few Cool 80's Commercials From An Episode Of Falcon Crest

This was all at the end of a tape I had full of PBS Stuff. I'm glad that I fast forwarded all the way to the end. It's not like this is AMAZING stuff but there are a few fun commercials in there PLUS a bit of local news. Who could ever imagine that you'd be nostalgic for newsbreaks? Oh, you're not? Well i am. On my list of things that I want to find Local News ranks near the top. 

My absolute fave would be things from our local Santa Rosa Channel KFTY but I NEVER find any of that that so Bay Area affiliate news is prolly the best that I encounter on the regular. IDK, there is something so nostalgic about seeing Bay Area HOF News Anchor Dave Mcelhatton deliver some news.. 

The tape is pretty skippy and sort of falls apart at the end but it's still pretty fun.