IseeRobots Television: California Music Channel Hip Hop Fridays With Andy Kawanami

There used to be this thing called Hip Hop Friday on channel 26 KTSF way back in the day. Hip Hop Friday was def because they played the freshest underground videos. Yo! Mtv was great don't get me wrong but HHF was local and played a lot of Bay Rap as well as other West Coast Stuff as well as a lot of smaller stuff that Yo! wouldn't touch.

HHF was an industry here for awhile it was on in the afternoon and then again at like 9 PM.. That might be right but also might be wrong. HHF was part of a show called The California Music channel that was a daily music video show on KTSF up until a couple of years ago but they discontinued HHF years back. 

I found the tape that this series of clips came from in my garage the other day. I was tickled pink. It's 6 hours and is full of videos from HHF as well as Yo! There are some neat interludes with Dre and Ed and stuff.. 

Also, I LOVE Andy's PE Jacket.. Andy was the host of the show. Dude was a legend around my house.