Video Store Pics: Blockbuster Video, Bend Oregon

Photos Take by Andy Combs
Dig this photo taken outside an operating Blockbuster in Bend Oregon! It seems like we are always hearing the story of the last Blockbuster closing but then BAM! There is another one.. Good looking out to Mr.Combs for this great pic! I wonder what it looked like inside.. Prolly like a Blockbuster... let's find out...

Dig this awesome pic of the New Release Wall! Let's see what we can see.. Looks like The Meg all the way over there on the right.. I think I see Mission Impossible? Maybe.. IDK, It looks awesome though. I've always liked the yellow and blue color scheme so that Yellow wall really pops out to me..

Here is a nice shot of Mr.Combs Blockbuster card and what he rented that day.. Mission Impossible. Nice choice. I really dug it and I've heard some fools say that it might be the best action movie of all the times.. I myself think that the best is Fury Road but MI fallout was amazing..

So there you have it.. I'm super indebted to Andy Combs for this and to my bro as well for hooking me up with these photos. If you yourself happen to have some pics of Video Stores that you've been to lately or of a store from the past please hook me up. I'd love to see em'.. Send em' HERE!!!!!