Commercials And Bumpers From 1994 Airing Of M.A.N.T.I.S on Fox KTVU Bay Area

I never saw or even really heard of MANTIS until I found this tape with an episode on it. It looks like something that I would have watched though. By that I mean that it was Sci-Fi. I am a mark for a new Science Fiction show, especially back then. There just wasn't a lot of them on the air at the time.

There are some fun commercials on this block. Fox had some wild shows. There is one for a show that John Leguizamo starred in that seemed vaguely racist. IDK know, it's just how shows were at the time and Fox tried to be pretty edgy back then. I mean, it is interesting when you see how racist Fox New is now though. I don't know. Just check it out. There is some fun stuff on there...