TRU RPT Sticker Repost.. Available For A Limited Time!

Click the pic to head to the shoppe.

Just a heads up. I recently re-added this great sticker to The Redbubble store so if you are interested it's available again. A couple of you kids asked me about that the other week so here it is! Make sure to grab it today. 

I really like how this guy turned out. Poor ISR accused of a crime he did not admit.. So sad but also something we have to face sometimes I guess.. I'm sure he'll muddle through. He's a trooper. Click on the pic to get the info on the sticker.. or click HERE!!! 

Buying stickers or other merch is a great way to support the show. If you like what we do please consider grabbing some swag. It's also all dope stuff so you won't feel silly for buying it!