Pooptronics Toys Presents: The TRU RPT: Attack Of The Space Pirates In-Action Figurines!

Hey kids! We are proud to present the first ever offering from The Commodore's latest venture, Pooptronics Toys! The TRU RPT Attack Of The Space Pirates In-Action Figure Set! 

For the low price of 7.99 w/free shipping you get a retro style rack toy with figurines of IseeRobots in his vent cleaning gear, 2 Space Pirates and Iceberg 13 in his Battle Gear! PLUS! A (not) genuine Callisto Moon Rock! (Actual figures may vary. Each pack is unique.) This is a limited run of roughly 10 sets so if you are interested make sure to jump all over this! 

Get yours today! You can order direct from Pooptronics Toys using the handy-dandy Paypal link below. Remember to include your address!