Mego Pics! Norm Peterson From Cheers! Drunken Toy Fun!

Falling Back
I love Cheers. I think it's great. It may be the best sitcom of all the times, either that or Mash. I don't know I haven't given it a ton of thought, that's a lie. I just don't want to get into it right now. Maybe/For Sure later though? (potential top 5 list?).

Anyway, I love Cheers but didn't really think that I needed action figures from the show. I was wrong. I totally do. I didn't know it though, until I bought Norm..

As we've discussed in the past I am WAY into the Mego relaunch that is taking place right as we speak. It's great and if you aren't down yet it's only because you haven't bought any of them because they are awesome and that is indisputable.

Norm was the last one on my list of the current releases. I wasn't sure if I was going to get him or not  but when Target dropped the price down to 12.99 how could I pass it up? I mean look.. he comes with a little mug full of cold, foamy beer! Best accessory ever!

Norm's had a few too many. Look, he's spilling his suds! 

I like that pic up there. He looks so drunk. That's what's funny about this figure. He totally looks wasted. The face sculpt is a pretty good George Wendt.. A drunk George Wendt.. His eyes are a little droopy and he has this sort of happy-drunk smirk. And his suit, it's totally disheveled, all out of place. I like him way more than I thought I would when I grabbed him.

In Wave 2 Mego is going to drop a Cliff Claven on us. That's another one that I'm not sure I need but will probably discover that I do after I've grabbed all the other ones. Here is my order of importance on Wave 2.. 
  1. Frankenstein
  2. The Gorn
  3. Richie Cunningham
  4. Cliff From Cheers... 
There is also going to be Kiss ones but I don't know if it's like all of Kiss at once or one member at a time.. Either way, I'm not super into Kiss but I'll prolly grab them...