Mego Pics: My Current Fave.. Action Jackson

I am really into the recent Mego relaunch. They have me going over to The Target a couple of times a week which if you know me and my sort of disdain of Target you see how weird that is. 

It's not that I dislike Target, I sort of do but I don't hate it or anything. I just don't really enjoy going there but with them being the top toy spot after TRU's demise I have to suck it up and go hunt those grounds... They are the only grounds left, Wal-Mart sucks for toys, at least around here. 

With the recent relaunch of a great toyline of the past, that being Mego and with Mego being a Target exclusive I've been trolling the aisles looking for Dracula in particular but for any of them in general.

When I saw the list of the 1st series dudes I knew that Dracula and Star Trek were must haves with Jimi Hendrix following right behind and behind them was Norm from Cheers. Action Jackson wasn't even on my radar, neither was The Fonz but I ended up getting both and I'm really glad that I did. Action Jackson is a delight. 

Fonz is cool too. I'm sure I'll post some pics of him at some point but I'm hesitant because I already lost the little comb he came with. It's not lost for good I think though. It has to be on the floor around where I found him after he fell of his shelf. I'm really surprised I haven't found it yet to be honest with you... 

I don't know what I like best about him. There are so many things to love, his goofy white boots, his goofy jumpsuit or maybe his goofy/stoic expression. I think though the the thing that I like best about him is his little gun. How small, cute but also violent. I mean, look at him threatening poor little Pikachu there! What a fiend! 

He's really great though. I like how he harkens back to an era where spys and men of action wore jumpsuits. I mean now the only dudes I ever see in them is janitors. The only time I ever wear one is if I have to crawl around under the house to run some cables or something.