Two Haunted Soap Labels Turned Into Stickers For You!

 This one says basically "come to me"
This one says "Come To Me" 
Hey kids. On a recent trip to The Vallejo Flea Market I picked up a couple bars of weird Mexican Magic/Haunted soaps.. I talk about it on this episode of The TRU RPT right HERE!!!!! Anyway, I grabbed a couple of these soaps because I liked the graphics and I thought that they might make nice stickers.. 

Ta da! Here they are.. If you click on either one they'll take you over to our Redbubble store where if you are so inclined you can grab one for a couple bucks. They'd look great on your laptop or whatever.. 

This one says basically "Don't Ever Forget Me"
Overall I'm not really down with the use of haunted soap so I discarded the bars as not to open the door to evil forces into the Earth Base. I don't really believe in ghosts or whatever but you know, it's like, you never know and it's better to be safe than sorry.. 

If you click on either of the bars it'll take you to the spot where in which you can buy one if you like. There are also a ton of other fun designs that you might like. Hop on over and take a look!


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