More Home Recorded VHS Tapes.. PPV Boxing, MTV and Thundercats

Hey kids, welcome to Vol 2 of Home Recorded VHS Tapes. Man, I have so many of these tapes laying around my house. I am an absolute sucker for folks home dubbed VHS. I see one and I just have to know what's on it. 

Here are a few more of them that I've collected over the past few months. Let's take a look at what the labels look like and then I'll break down some of the content.

This one was pretty good. It has two episodes of the short lived TV version of the movie Starman. The TV version cast Steve Guttenberg in the lead role and wasn't very good.  This was a great tape though, It has two full episodes of the show complete with commercials. The show ran from 1986-87 so the commercials are as retro as they come. They feature everything from Burger King's Burger Bites to 7-Up The Uncola adverts. I love this tape and have watched it at least 5 times. 

This one is pretty fun too. The cassette case is blue which is always great. I love a colored VHS Case. The feature is only a few minutes long but features enough 90's instructional video acting to make anyone's day. It's so bad. I also really like The Sizzler tape sleeve. The nearest Sizzler is maybe an hour and a half away but I plan on making the trip there one of these days for some Steak and Shrimp. Yum. 

It says New Kids across the front of the label but oddly enough there isn't any NKOTB to be found. What it is though is almost an entire night of WB programming from 1998. There is some Dawson's Creek, some Felicity, a rerun episode of The Fresh Prince and a rerun of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It's the one with Famke Janssen, That's one of my favorite episodes! Plus the whole thing is complete with commercials. It's fantastic and as 90's as can be. 

Oh ya, after the night's programming runs out there is a complete info-mercial about eliminating anxiety. The Anxious People in this deserve Emmy nominations for their work. They look SO anxious!

I really like these tapes too. The one on the top is some classic HBO stuff. You start off with the movie Aliens, the whole thing and then it's followed up with some boxing. I was crazy into Mike Tyson at the time and wouldn't be surprised if I also recorded this fight off of cable too. Man, he beat Larry Holmes up. It was kind of a bummer There is a bit of MTV on it as well but it's nothing really that special, just a few videos without any commercials or anything.

The lower tape in the stack is also pretty fun. The boxing match is recorded off of PPV which is interesting but the real fun starts when it's over. Right after the fight is a few hours of MTV Street Party which was a R and B/ House Music show that ran on MTV from 1989-1992. The whole deal is hosted by Daisy Fuentes and is complete with commercials. It's so great. 

The label for this one says Thundercats + Movies which is exactly what it is. Sadly though Thundercats was recorded without commercials. Imagine how awesome it would have been to see what advertisers purchased time on a popular after school show like Thundercats. That would have been AMAZING! It could be anything from Silverhawks toys to GI Joe vehicles. I can only imagine. In reality what I'm imagining can't be as good as what was actually there.

The movie? It was an 80's Sex Comedy called Going All The Way and it had the neat little Showtime After Hours disclaimer that ran before movies of this sort Back In The Day.. That makes the whole thing worthwhile but I still would like to have seen some of those commercials I'm imagining could have been on there..