Video Store Stickers: Rio Video, Rio Vista California

I found this sticker on a tape at The Dig the other day. I sometimes feel like I've seen all the different store labels around these parts but then I come up with one I've never come across like Rio Video. I'm totally unfamiliar with those dudes. I like the label though. The little drama faces are cool. Let's you know that you might find some funny tapes or some sad tapes. That's quite a selection. 

The 347 phone prefix can be a few different places, New York or more likely Rio Nido California which is about 45 minutes from Santa Rosa. That's where I live. That seems more likely. 

I did a bit (A small bit) of research and discovered this pic down there. It's the only video store in Rio Nido. Well, it was the only video store in Rio Nido. They recently closed down.

That's what it looked like. Pretty nondescript but that sign is intriguing so I went ahead and turned the pic around on google so that I could get a better look at it. Here's what I discovered. It's pretty dope.

Dig it, first of all it is in fact Rio Video so I was successful in tracking down the store. I'm a super sleuth. Also, that sign is fantastic. It has VHS tapes and what is either a bouquet of flowers or a pot of gold. I'm gonna go with the gold. That seems doper but either one is pretty fresh. 

There was one review on Google of the store. It was from 7 years back. Let's take a look at that while we're here...

That kid wishes that there was a tanning salon still in town so that the youth would have something fun to do. Ok, that's not what I do for fun but hey man, whatever you dig, right? At least he gave it 5 stars. That's super nice. 

At any rate, there you have it. Rio Video, Rio Nido California. We never knew you but of course.. T.R.O.Y....