Video Store Pics: The Video King. Reno Nevada. Reno's Last Video-Store.

I've been sitting on these pics forever. Laziness is the reason for that. Sorry. We took a weekend trip to Reno to do some hanging and clanging. It was fun. I mean, it was super fun but I'm pretty sure that I talked about all this on The TRU RPT like a year ago when it happened.

This is Reno's last surviving video store. The Video King. It's tucked away in a sort of sketch neighbirhood. Not like the worst neighborhood or anything but it was a little bit off-brand. Honestly a lot of Reno is sort of off-brand. It's one of the things that I like about it. 

 When we first came by the store there was a sign up that said that the dude was away and that he'd be back in a minute. He was in there though and saw us looking around and let us in. He had a deli sandwich on the counter so I'm assuming that we came during his lunch break. That pretty much seals the fact that we have to buy something. When I go on these little video store trips I make sure to try and get something. It's a store not a tourist attraction ya dig? Sometimes if the clerk seems mean I won't get anything but that's on them

They don't do rental anymore. The owner dude told me that people were always running off with the stuff so he stopped loaning them out. That's Reno for ya'. 

It was a a pretty basic store. He had a ton of stuff but it was all sort of run of the mill titles. I dig that. You have to stock what people are into and most dudes are into boring type stuff. He told me if there was anything obscure I was looking for that he was the dude to find it. I wonder what he meant by that? I hope it wasn't some Nicholas Cage/8MM type material.. 

There was an adult room but I wasn't able to check it out. The family was there with us.. It was well hidden though. I didn't even discover it was there until we were out the door,  It was behind swinging saloon style doors. I thought it was the break room. Anyhow, it was a fun little visit. The owner was cool and friendly. Talkative but not intrusive. We bought Juno, the Ellen Page Pic. I really love that movie.


Then we got home and stupid old me noticed that I'd bought the Blu-Ray. The only BR player I have is in the PS3.. Dude, oh well. It's the thought that counts plus I've already seen it a million-billion times. 


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