The Mr. Sensational Gino Vega Podcast Ep.9: Atari 2600/Sears Video Arcade Memories Plus Tons More!

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Hey everyone, at long last the “Mr. Sensational” Gino Vega Podcast is BACK! My podcasting was seriously derailed by the Northern CA fires in October, but I finally managed to get things together and come up with another installment of The World’s Most Mundane Podcast.

That’s right, we’re BACK, baby! And that means another hour or so of rambling, tangential talk—this time somewhat centered around my Grandma’s recent funeral and memories I have of playing with my Atari 2600/Sears Video Arcade as a kid. 

Check it out if you’re so inclined, and don’t forget to visit for all the great content on the I See Robots Radio Network!