Captain Video Newspaper Ad! Free Rental!

The Entertainment section of the SF Chronicle used to be pink. That's why the scan there looks that way. It made that section really stand out and I'd always grab for it first. I mean, it also had the movie listings and things like that so there is that factor as well.

I recently found an entire newspaper from Oct of 1981. It's pretty great. I'm gonna scan in the heck out of it. This here though is one of the best things in the paper. I've never been to a Captain Video. I wish that I was. It sounds like a great place to be. The have friendly service plus the largest selection of VHS and Beta Tapes In The Bay Area.

There was some good stuff out at the time. 48 Hours is great, Bad Boys with Sean Penn is a classic and man, Doctor Detroit for whatever reason was just about my favorite flick of that era. Seriously, I loved that movie. Don't ask me to explain it. I really can't.

According to a bit of research Captain Video is still around. They have one local remaining in San Mateo. That is about 2 hrs from where I am right now. Dude, I need to plan a road trip. Here is a link to their Facebook Page. Go there right now and give those homies some love! Captain Video! 

That's what they look like today. I really need to go there. Like seriously, NEED to go there. I wonder if they still rent VCRs? Prolly not but that sign is magical. Captain Video. Don't Stay Home Without Us...