The IseeRobots Radio Christmas Junkbox Charity Giveaway!

Hey kids! This is your boy IseeRobots reaching out to you for some charitable giving. Christmas is upon us and man, there are a lot of kids out there in need of gifts. It's a serious situation that we can do something about! We can make Christmas great for some poor lad who might otherwise get nothing. 

Here is what we're gonna do. See that pic up there? It's a box I've been filling over the course of a year with all sort of neat things that I've found at The Dig or at The Flea Market and what I wanna do with it is to give it to one of you lucky listeners and all you have to do to get up on it is to buy a gift, no matter how big or small, donate it to Toys For Tots or whatever your local equivalent is, send me a pic of the toy and BAM! You're in! 

Send me the pic HERE! 

It's not the box that matters though. It's the kids. We're all lucky enough to have homes, families, friends, toy collections and all sort of cool thing like that. Why not help out some poor youth that might not be so lucky? This is super important! 

Christmas is about giving and this is a great chance for you to rack up some good karma while helping out someone who might really need it. 

If we've ever done anything that you've ever enjoyed, please consider taking part in this. I'd really appreciate it and man, there will be a kid opening up your gift on Christmas. That has to make you feel good about yourself!