Geekfest Rants Ep.325:Flash Gordon Figures - Star Wars News - Collectible Glasses

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Let's return to 1979 Saturday morning cartoons to the Flash Gordon inspired line of Mattel action figures.  Yes, before the awesome 1980 Sam Jones campy movie of the same name, Flash Gordon had a Filmation produced cartoon series.  Today on GeekFest Rants, Carlos looks at the action figures produced based on this show. 

Plus we have breaking Star Wars  news on all fronts, film, television, and theme parks.  Star Wars: The Last Jedi is right around the corner and new movies, a live action TV show, and Star Tours changes have been announced. 

And finally we take a look at Movie/TV glassware collecting.  We're talking about Burger King Star Wars glasses and other franchises like Star Trek,  E.T., Superman, Indiana Jones, etc.