IseeRobots.Com Robo-Force Sticker! So Great!

Hey kids. I've been sitting on this graphic for awhile not but dude, it's great and is now available as a sticker over at Redbubble. I really love it. It's totally an homage to Robo-Force which is one of my favorite toy lines of all the times. I mean, you know I dig robots with dryer tubes for arms. 

If you wanna cop one of the stickers and I really hope that you do you can grab one HERE! They cost around 3 bucks and all the money goes to helping keep The Network afloat. The server costs are bananas... Anyway, go over and take a look. You won't be sorry for long.

Wanna learn more about Robo-Force? Go here and play this episode for more info than you'd ever want...