GeekFest Rants Episode 310 - It Comes At Night Review - The World of Avatar - A Concert Story

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Today on GeekFest Rants Carlos will Rant about the new movie he saw, It Comes At Night. Is it a great movie? Is it confusing? Is it worth a second viewing? Are the critics right or wrong? You will find out.....maybe. And while talking about second viewings, we'll list some very good movies that we really don't want to re-watch.

Then we'll take a trip to the Pandora, the World of Avatar. This new Disney - Animal Kingdom attraction might just have the best theme park ride ever. As well as very tall skinny blue inhabitants.

Plus, we take a ride back to 1984/85 to re- write a wrong in Carlos' time traveling timeline...... a missed Hall and Oates concert. This past week we corrected that injustice in nerd 80's pop music history.