Geekfest Rants Episode 308 - Special LPs - Apes Comic - D&D

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Where do our music tastes originate from? Today on GeekFest Rants we begin to find out as Carlos unearths his old record albums to find out what makes these 70s/80s LPs special to him.  From Huey Lewis, to Vangelis, to Kurtis Blow, to Pink Floyd, what do all these have in common?  Absolutely nothing other than they are on our playlist and we grew up on them.  
Then we make a left turn into the Planet of the Apes comic book movie adaptation. Could this be the best comic book movie adaptation we've read so far? Mmmmmmaybe.  And finally, we go back in time and then forward, to look at our family's resurgence interest in Dungeons and Dragons.  From our old high school days to our current family game night, we dust off our multi sided dice and begin some new adventures.