Video Store Stickers: Box Office Video Sebastopol and Video Photo Village Mt. Shasta California.

Hey, back for another edition of Video Store Stickers. This time we start off with a a look at what was a pretty popular and long running store in Sebastopol. As I recall it as in a shopping center that had a Whole Foods in it. I think so anyway. As far as I can tell from looking at it from here on Google there is a restaurant of some sort there now.  

Here is what's at the old Box Office in Sebastapol now. 
They also had a store here in Santa Rosa. There is a Chase Bank in the spot right now as we speak. For some reason I don't remember that at all. That is where Joe Video used to be, well, Joe Video was in a different spot but in the same shopping center. Don't you hate that feeling when you realize that you should have been paying more attention when things were actually going on.....

I took this pic at the Flea Market so the lighting was really giving me problems. I just couldn't fight through the glare so well, there you go. It says Video Photo Village in Mt. Shasta California. I looked at some Yelp reviews and the store shut down like 5 years back. The reviews recomend a store in town called Couch Critic. I looked that store up and it looks AWESOME! Here is their Facebook Page.. HERE!!!! 

The old Video Village in Mt. Shasta.
I fully want to go there. Mt. Shasta is about 4 hrs from here. That's a bit far but if we are ever near there I am totally gonna go there! It's on the way to Oregon. It's actually way closer to Portland than it is to me.. I've never actually gone up that way. Mt. Shasta is an active volcano. That's just a bit of trivia for you...