Sabine Wren Star Wars Rebels Action Figure. Pics and Such

I was suprised to find this figure of my girl Sabine Wren over at the TRU. I mean, pleaently suprised. I knew that there was going to be a Star Wars Black but this is the more standard 3.75 inch Star Wars Figure. She was over with the Rogue One Dudes...

I like her a lot. She has two pistols and her helmet comes on and off which is just fantastic. Her guns go in her holsters pretty well and she can stand up on her own just fine. I like how the paint on her armor is a different color scheme than the Star Wars Rebel Sabine figure that I looked all over the universe for last year. I kind of think when the Star Wars Black comes out I'll prolly have to search for it. It's a great looking figure and she is kind of a hot character right about now.